One of the biggest concerns today of families planning to send their children to study abroad is whether they should send their children to study abroad this year? And where to go will be a safe but still "quality" choice for your children.

Established in 1957 in the UK, Kings Education is an international education corporation, specializing in training transfer programs to the world's leading universities for international students. Kings training facilities are located in famous cities such as London, Oxford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Boston, Los Angeles and New York. Hanoi will be Kings' first campus in Asia.

  1. Special University Foundation Program (Advanced Level Foundation) to transfer to top universities in the UK and Australia

Kings' Advanced Level Foundation (ALF) University Transfer Program in Hanoi was established to give students the opportunity to experience an international learning environment right in Vietnam with high quality teaching and synchronized with the British education system

Taught for the first time in Hanoi, Kings' Advanced Level Foundation (ALF) University transfer program will give you the opportunity to transfer to top universities in the world with globally recognized qualifications, especially accepted into schools:

  • Top 30 in the UK
  • Top 100 in the US
  • Top 8 in Australia

The ALF program lasts for 9 months. Students will study 25 hours per week, 5 hours per day, including focused study hours, group activities and self-study:

  • Start date: September 14, 2020
  • Closing date: June 2021
  1. Super scholarships save costs!
  • 70% scholarship: For students with excellent academic scores and English. Students will be required to write an essay and interview.
  • 50% scholarship: For students with excellent academic scores and English.
  • 40% scholarship: For students who meet the English language and academic qualifications that Kings offers.

     3. Diverse student population

With the AFL program, students who have completed grade 11 or 12 in Vietnam can apply for admission. Or Students graduating from IGCSE or finishing the AS program in the UK.

  1. Experience the UK study abroad environment right in Vietnam

The first campus in Asia to be built in sync with campuses in the UK and US, bringing the feeling of studying and experiencing the learning environment in the UK and Australia. Self-study rooms, libraries and each classroom are invested with the most modern equipment. You will not have difficulty finding your own study space outside the main classroom. Not to mention the prime location on Hanoi's main street, it brings a clear view and nothing more wonderful learning inspiration for students.



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